August 14th 2017

DaSCH at the "DH2017" in Montreal

The DaSCH has been presented at the "Digital Humanities 2017" conference in Montreal and has received great attention and feedback!

See presentation here

June 26th 2017

DaSCH supports Persistent Identifiers using

DaSCH now supports an accepted, widely used standard for persistent identifiers. It uses the framework. The prefix 20.500.12062 has been assigned to the DaSCH. A persistent identifier looks like this:

All data already hosted by DaSCH will receive a persistent identifier in the coming weeks.

June 13th 2017

DaSCH registered at

The DaSCH is now registered as repository for research data at See

May 12th 2017

SNF requires data management plan

From Oct. 1st the SNF requires that all research projects applying for a grant (basic research) must submit a data management plan.
See SNF open research data and Data Management Plan (DMP) - Guidelines for researchers.

The DaSCH may help You in setting up such a data management plan for Your project and help You also during the implementation.
Please contact the DaSCH for questions or for applying.